Primal Endurance #141

Host Brad Kearns welcomed Brock for a deep look into the podcast scene as a producer and host of numerous health/fitness/primal-paleo/biohacking style shows, and also a longtime endurance coach. We also talked about my Workplace Hero podcast and how it helps those with sedentary office jobs make the best of their surroundings and minimize the health challenges of office work.

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I’m a Scientific American

I got an awesome surprise from Joe, the editor at Quick and Dirty Tips, on Monday morning. This was his email to me:

The Body Fat: How to Use it and Lose it went live on SciAm and drove about ~40,000 pageviews over the weekend! You also saw over 8,000 downloads on Sunday. Which is more downloads than your average Tuesday releases and about 8x more downloads than Sundays typically get. Pretty huge!​​

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6 Tips for Racing a 5 or 10k

Tip #1
Lunch and Dinner.

The foods that you eat the day before the race are the foods that your gastrointestinal system will be using in the morning. So, you should avoid having an evening meal that is loaded with fiber and protein. Instead, consume an easily digested dinner that is comprised of a carbohydrate like sweet potato, yam or quinoa, an iron-rich dark leafy green or cruciferous vegetables like steamed spinach or broccoli, and if you’d like, a moderate amount of a basic protein, like a small piece of baked salmon. Continue reading “6 Tips for Racing a 5 or 10k”


I have been working all over the place lately. I have a wonderful podcast called Workplace Hero, and I also write and record an episode and blog post every week over called the Get-Fit Guy. I have my online fitness coaching business at and my business partner Monica Reinagel and I have a weight loss program called Weightless over at Not to mention that I work on four other podcasts as a technician or producer.

With all that in mind, I have decided that I need to get all of my current projects and future projects under one roof (this roof) and to help with that I would love it if you would take a moment and sign up for my email newsletter.

Because I believe so strongly in the idea of Inbox Zero, I promise that you will only receive an email once per week (tops), and it will be short, to the point and easy to delete. And then, I will be able to let you know all the ways that I can help you stay fit, trim, happy and healthy.

So please sign up and help us stay in touch.

Ketosis vs. Low-Carb Athlete podcast

In this episode Coach Brock rejoins Debbie with an ongoing conversation topic… do endurance athletes need to be in ketosis to get the benefits of burning fat? Debbie and Brock chat in the first part of this episode about fat adapted vs. ketosis for endurance athletes. The second part is a quick chat with the Ketogenic Guru- Maria Emmerich as she sits outside in Maui and soaks up her last few days of fun in the sun!
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Brock & Deb talk about New Year’s Resolutions!

thumbail image

Coach Brock joins his podcast buddy Debbie Potts on her show “The WHOLE Athlete Podcast” to have a conversation about why people make New Year’s Resolutions as well as their overall effectiveness.  They have their usual conversation with many fun tangents (and a couple rat holes) – so enjoy listening to them have fun riffing on a topic!

In the podcast:

– Debbie talks about her ideas of doing a 5-day or 21-day sugar detox and reset challenge that she offers at her studio.

– Do you make any new goals or resolutons in the New Year?

– What about creating a roadmap for the year ahead?

– The 8 Forms of Wealth exercise:

Learn more about Debbie’s coaching on and her The WHOLESTIC Method program.