Brock Digest – Feb 7, 2021

What do you think would happen if you approached each day as a new opportunity to say yes to what matters and, of course, also say no to what doesn’t?

Would that give you the focus you need to reach your goals? Would that allow you to create a lifestyle that supports the vision you have of your future or ideal self? I suspect that it probably might. 

So let’s make that a priority from now on, ok? After all, focus takes practice and consistency. 

And now, with that out of the way, on with this week’s digest!

If any of the following topics happen to tickle your fancy, click the underlined text to read or listen.


Change Academy – Aligned ActionsHow well do your actions align with your values? Often there can be a disconnect between what we say our priorities are and the choices that we are making on a daily basis. That misalignment can lead to frustration if it keeps us from achieving our goals.
Change Academy – Contingency PlansHaving a plan is important.  But having a contingency plan may be just as important. They allow us to recover when things don’t go according to plan.
Quick & Dirty Tips – Exercise and Your Immune SystemSimilar to eating a healthy diet and getting good quality sleep, exercise helps you maintain overall good health and, by extension, a healthy immune system. Dr. Jake Deutsch joins me to talk about the effect of exercise on your immune system.
Quick & Dirty Tips – 5 Ways to Use a Weighted VestHave you tried a weighted vest? If you haven’t, this might the time to try adding one to your workout for an additional fitness building edge. In this episode, I explain how.
Scientific American – Should You Exercise While Sick?My article from back in June 2020 makes a great companion piece to the interview with Dr. Jake (above). 


Tree Assisted Squats – Workout of the Week #70In this video, I show you how to prepare your body for a nice deep squat and I also show you how you can use something like a tree to assist you.

This type of assisted squat is great for someone who isn’t quite able to perform a full-depth squat. This can be due to injury, excess body weight, lack of flexibility, or lack of strength. In the assisted squat, you hold onto something stable (like a tree) which helps take some pressure and balance off the legs to create an easier version of the full squat.

Learn more about assisted squats in this Get-Fit Guy article.

Social Media:

I shared this sunny/snowy image on most of my social media channels (FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedIn) but it got the most action on Insta. Getting out and enjoying some fresh air and sunshine (and snowshoes) has become an even bigger focus in my life since the pandemic started. It was always at top of my list but now it is non-negotiable.

So, when the opportunity to get out there presented itself, even though it was a weekday, I blew off work and grasped it. That means I will have to work more this weekend but it was totally worth it! No regrets!

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