Can Caffeine Help You Work Out?

Here’s some pretty cool and interesting information about caffeine and exercise from the Get Fit Guy:

Do you ever wonder whether that morning cup of coffee before you head to the gym might be doing more than just giving your brain a wake-up call? In other words, could caffeine actually help you work out? The answer is yes. Here are 3 quick and dirty tips for getting the most out of every drip:

  1. Try capsules: Caffeine consumption can help you go up to 10 times longer during endurance exercise like swimming, running or cycling, although it doesn’t have any effect on maximum muscular force. But the best benefits don’t come from a cup of coffee. Instead, most subjects in studies that showed this big benefit were consuming pure caffeine capsules, which could be risky (see note at end of newsletter).
  2. Exercise on an empty stomach: Caffeine may also help to increase fat burning, and for this reason, it is a popular ingredient among fat burning supplements. But if you can’t afford weight loss pills, you can get good benefit out of simply consuming a cup of coffee and exercising on an empty stomach.
  3. Get the right amount: Last, caffeine can reduce your “rating of perceived exertion”, meaning that with caffeine in your system, you can exercise harder, but not feel as much discomfort. To get the effects of caffeine, you should typically consume 2-5mg per kg of body weight 30-60 minutes prior to exercise (1 pound is 2.2 kilograms).

Awesome! Just the rational I needed to justify one more cappuccino in my day!

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