I’m a Scientific American

I got an awesome surprise from Joe, the editor at Quick and Dirty Tips, on Monday morning. This was his email to me:

The Body Fat: How to Use it and Lose it went live on SciAm and drove about ~40,000 pageviews over the weekend! You also saw over 8,000 downloads on Sunday. Which is more downloads than your average Tuesday releases and about 8x more downloads than Sundays typically get. Pretty huge!​​

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6 Tips for Racing a 5 or 10k

Tip #1
Lunch and Dinner.

The foods that you eat the day before the race are the foods that your gastrointestinal system will be using in the morning. So, you should avoid having an evening meal that is loaded with fiber and protein. Instead, consume an easily digested dinner that is comprised of a carbohydrate like sweet potato, yam or quinoa, an iron-rich dark leafy green or cruciferous vegetables like steamed spinach or broccoli, and if you’d like, a moderate amount of a basic protein, like a small piece of baked salmon. Continue reading “6 Tips for Racing a 5 or 10k”