A Pain in the Neck – Literally! (WorkplaceHero.me)

In this special episode, sourced from the archives of my old podcast, WorkplaceHero, we dive into neck pain and how to deal with it. Neck pain can be caused by any workplace activity that strains your neck and you might feel pain at the base of your skull and down into your shoulders, or you might just feel a knot in your neck. But it is avoidable and that is what we cover in this episode.

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How Hard Are You Exercising? (rate of perceived exertion)

man in black crew neck t shirt drinking yellow liquid from plastic bottle

You may have heard me say that you should do a particular exercise at a particular intensity or your doctor may have told you to get 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity exercise per week. Do you need to buy an activity tracker or get a kinesiology degree to know exactly how intense these workouts should be? The truth is that you probably already innately know how hard you are exercising. It’s called Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE) and it’s already installed in your brain!

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