Fitness Digest – Aug 8, 2021

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I am so excited! On Friday, Aug 13, the first official episode of my new podcast, Upgraded FItness, will air. After that, there will be new (short) solo episodes on Mondays and new (longer) interview episodes on Wednesdays. How does that sound?

Upcoming guests: Monica Reinagel (the Nutrition Diva), Dean Dwyer (the Successful Body), Dave Asprey (Bulletproof Radio), Tim Waggoner (Endurance Planet), Abi Carver (Yoga15), Brad Kearns (Primal Blueprint), Molly Watts (Breaking the Bottle Legacy), and many more!

Wondering how to subscribe/follow the new show? Check out this is a handy resource that lists most of the places you can get it… but it is pretty safe to say that it is available anywhere you listen to audio. 

I hope you are all ready to upgrade your fitness – coming this Friday!


Hate the gym? No problem! Work Your Body without working out.

Join me for a free workshop on strategies that you can use to sneak more movement into your life anytime.

This workshop will teach you how to move more of your body more often by highlighting the key moments in a typical day that are ripe for movement. 

Sign up now so you can:

  • Alleviate stiffness and pain from sitting too long.
  • Keep your energy levels up, even during those afternoon lulls.
  • Keep your mind sharp and focussed.
  • Spark creativity and problem-solving.
  • Build your fitness without breaking a sweat.
  • Help you master new movements!

If any of the following topics happen to tickle your fancy, click the underlined text to read or listen.


Upgraded Fitness – Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Fitness?
The official trailer for the new podcast is here! If you are ready to move more of your body, more often, in more and more interesting and satisfying ways, this show is for you.

Change Academy – Changing the Unchangeable with Molly Watts
Molly is the host of the Breaking the Bottle Legacy podcast and as you’ll see in this episode, Molly’s approach to behaviour change aligns perfectly with what we talk about on the Change Academy and can be applied to all kinds of behaviours and changes. 

Get-Fit Guy – Meet the New Get-Fit Guy (Part 2)
In part 1, I introduced the new host of the Get-Fit Guy podcast, Dr. Jonathan Su. In this episode, we discuss optimizing performance, fitness trends, and the best way to get and stay fit. 


7 Fun Ways to Use a Treadmill
I am not one of those people who dislikes running on a treadmill. But I am still 100% on board with finding new and exciting ways to use that machine that is cluttering up the house. 

The exercises in this video are: Calf strut, Bear crawl, Side shuffle / backwards run, Mountain climber, Plank walk, Duck walk, and Walking lunge.

Learn more and watch the full video at

Social Media:

In this Instagram post, I got a lot of love from my online friends for my 50th birthday.

Starting a new podcast meant that I needed a few new headshots (the podcast team at Bulletproof Media didn’t want to use the photos of me from 11 years ago – go figure) so I did a makeshift photoshoot at home. You can see more photos on my Instagram page

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