Fitness Digest for Sep 5, 2021

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In just over a month from now, Monica Reinagel (the Nutrition Diva) and I will be launching our 9th cohort of the Weighless Program. In case you don’t know, Weighless is a year-long group coaching program that teaches you how to create a lifestyle that allows you to become someone who weighs less.

I know that sounds like clever word play (and it is) but there is a reason I say it that way. Anyone can make you deprive yourself and exercise to excess – and you will lose weight – but losing weight isn’t the hard part. Being someone who weighs less, for the rest of your life, is the hard part.

So, if that sounds like something you would like to know more about, stay tuned. Or better yet, take our scientifically validated and free quiz to find out which area is holding you back from achieving and sustaining a healthy body composition.  

If any of the following topics happen to tickle your fancy, click the underlined text to read or listen.


Upgraded Fitness – No new episode 🙁
The official launch of my new podcast has been delayed. But trust me, this is for the best. Good things come to those who have immense patience. But make sure to subscribe/follow it now so you are the first to know when I do officially launch!

Change Academy – Habits and Identity
The things we do on a routine basis impact how we see ourselves. And the opposite is also true: How we see ourselves can influence how we act. In this episode, we talk about how to make sure that connection between our behavior and our identity is working for us and not against us. 

B.Rad Podcast – How CBT Can Support Your Fitness Goals
In my chat with Brad Kearns, I break down how I have been using my background in Cognitive Behavioural Theory to help my fitness clients. And I do a little live CBT on Brad, right there on the show!


Five Torso Twists
When we walk, every step we take involves a rotation of the thoracic spine. When we run, that rotation is increased. When we use a broom to clean up a mess, we also involve rotation of the core and spine. And the list goes on. So, as a matter of injury prevention, I suggest training your rotation to keep it supple and strong.

  • In this video, I demonstrate:
  • Standing Torso Rotation
  • Woodchoppers
  • Russian twist
  • Resistance band trunk rotations
  • Bicycle Crunch

Social Media:

This Instagram post was the most popular (by far) that I have shared in a while. I guess people needed a reminder that “all or nothing” thinking can get us in trouble. Sometimes simply doing what we can, no matter how imperfect, can be exactly what we need.

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