Lunge variations, contagious exercise, and footfall

I hate to be boring and talk about the weather but lately, the weather in this world is anything but boring. Now I know many of you live in a place where it may be in fact too hot but I am happy to report that here in the northern part of the pacific northwest, we are finally getting some summer – so excuse me if this intro is abbreviated, but I have a beach to get to, eh!


Second Wind Fitness – What is Exercise Contagion? And how can we catch it?
As fraught as social media can be, it can surprisingly influence your physical health. We all know #goals and #blessed can boost likes in our social networks, both digital and analog. But a few years ago, researchers linked this same phenomenon to fitness.

Change Academy – Quitting for the Right Reasons
Quitting can start to become a habit–or even part of our identity. But so can Not Quitting. Which habit and identity would you rather strengthen?


Brock Armstrong Fitness – How Should Your Foot Land When You Run?
As a certified running coach (specializing in marathon and half-marathon), people have often asked me “What part of my foot should I be running on?” and my answer may surprise (and perhaps delight) you.


Lunge Variations

When it comes to getting a good leg workout, there is nothing quite like a lunge. But I know that simply lunging forward and backward, over and over, can get boring.

So if you want to mix things up here are 3 movements that will engage and energize those all-important leg muscles – PLUS – you can string them together into what is called a Lunge Matrix that will build strength while challenging your balance and coordination too!

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