Making time for movement, exercise balls, and wall sits

About a month from now, Monica Reinagel is going to be doing another one of her 30-Day Nutrition Upgrades. This is the program that initially convinced me that I wanted to partner with Monica in whatever way I could. It’s that good! It makes so much sense and brings so much clarity (and sanity) to the confusing/annoying/over-complicated world of nutrition. 

If you want to join me (yes, I will be there) for this 30-Day program, or you want to find out more, just go to

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Second Wind Fitness – Making More Time for More Movement
Just because you lead a full and busy life doesn’t mean you have to let your physical fitness go out the window. In this episode, I am going to inspire you with many ways that we can build more movement and exercise into any busy day – and yes I do mean without hitting the gym/studio/track.

Change Academy – Mind the (Motivation) Gap
Motivation gaps are those times when you feel as if you are not motivated enough to do what it takes to get a particular result. In this episode, we talk about four things that frequently cause motivation gaps, plus what researcher, Julie Dirksen, refers to as a “special motivation gap.”

Change Academy – Countering Your Addition Bias
Some new research caught recently our attention because it reinforces and expands on a concept that we introduced about 6 months ago in our episode on the Law of Subtraction. In this episode, we explore some of that research and how we can use this insight to create better solutions to our challenges.


Brock Armstrong Coaching –Some Reasons to get an Exercise Ball
An exercise ball can be used for more than just a funky desk chair. Here’s why I think you might want to have one in your fitness life. 


The Wall Sit

In this video, I demonstrate some of my favourite variations/additions of the exercise called the Wall Sit. A simple exercise that you can do pretty much anywhere, anytime, as long as you have a wall to lean against.

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