Movement Snacks – If You Want the Benefits but Don’t Like to Exercise

Maybe you aren’t interested in “getting buff” and have no interest in running a 10k never mind a marathon. Well, there are still plenty of reasons for you to move your body more often. And in this episode, we’ll look at not only why you might want to do that but we’ll also look at the how – by introducing a (not so) new idea called Movement Snacks!

What is a Movement Snack? A movement snack, as I define it, is a brief bout of movement ​​that is both efficient and easy to perform, done on a regular basis throughout the day (rather than solely relying on one dedicated workout). 

Yes, I am suggesting that you simply get up and move occasionally to create a more active lifestyle!

Now you may be saying, “Come on Brock. Can short bursts of exercise sprinkled across your day allow you to achieve your goal of living a more active lifestyle?” Well, don’t just take my word for it – Science says it does!

Which is great news for those of you who don’t enjoy (or maybe even hate) exercise. Because, I suspect those people feel that way because they have it in their heads that exercise needs to happen at a specific time, in a specific setting, in a specific outfit, and usually involves willpower and struggle to get it done. If that describes you, not only do I beg you to rethink and reconsider what exercise really is but I also want you to pay double attention to what I am going to say: 

Any movement – ANY movement – that raises your heart rate (a little or a lot), challenges your muscles (a little or a lot), and teases your balance and mobility (a little or a lot) is exercise. And if done consistently, can help you achieve these wonderful benefits.There is no need to get a gym membership, buy spandex clothing, or swallow your exercise time like yucky medicine. 

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