Day Before the Road2Hope

Photo of a bottle of beet root juice

Tomorrow at 8:15am I am running the Hamilton Road2Hope Marathon.

I have kept this fact quiet due to the disappointment of the Chicago marathon a few weeks ago. I figured I would give it one more try this season and see what I can do when:

  1. I am in control of my own training (I haven’t told Ilia and Lucy that I am running tomorrow)
  2. I have no one waiting, wondering or watching for my results.

If I do well tomorrow, I will tell the world. If I don’t, no one needs to know but me and my immediate fam-friends… and anyone who reads this blog, I guess.

Anywho, this is meant to be a pre-race day report so – onward!

6:00am – Glass of water, cup of coffee and a nicely paced 3km run followed by some good stretching (even got the yoga mat out).
6:50am – Cool-ish shower and applied some magnesium oil to legs and lower back.
7:10am – Glass of water, a big bowl of quinoa and brown rice with dried crans and a sprinkle of rolled oats, all covered in my carob, date, banana, almond drink. Also took a packet of 7Systems with some extra Vit D drops and Fish Oil.
8:00am – Started swigging from the first bottle of beet root juice.
10:00am – Large Latte (3 shots)
1:30pm – Large sweet potato, 2 small beets, 3 slices of beef, pile of quinoa, a carrot and some spinach/kale. One glass of Nuun, a swig of beet juice and some water to drink.
4:00 to 4:45 – Nap. More water and a swig of beet juice.
5:40pm – More water.
6:45pm – Almond butter and banana sandwich, more water and a homemade apricot scone. Took another Fish Oil capsule as well.
7:30pm – Warm bath with White Birch Oil.
8:15pm – More water.
10:30pm – 7Systems vitamins with a slice of cheese, a carrot and some more beet juice.
11:00pm – Bed.