Brock’s Bi-weekly Roundup – Nov 25, 2018

Welcome to this bi-weekly roundup extravaganza. The only blog post that gives you one easy place to find all my rantings and ravings in the world of health, fitness, movement, and wellness from the last two weeks.

I spent last weekend in the frozen metropolis of Edmonton, Alberta (hi mom!). Despite the fact that I grew up in that city, I still forget how cold and snowy it can be – even in November. And while it would be easy to get grumpy about this and elect to stay indoors between the months of Nov and May (yikes) I find it much more pleasant to flip that thought on its head and instead decide to embrace the snow and cold and use it to my advantage.
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Brock’s Bi-weekly Roundup – Aug 4, 2018

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to the fourth edition of this bi-weekly Brock Armstrong dot com roundup. Woohoo!

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