Trailer: Second Wind Fitness – a new podcast!

My name is Coach Brock Armstrong and I have one goal – to help you think differently about exercise so you can: Move more of your body, more often, in more and more interesting ways.

Here’s the thing, none of us wants to exercise harder or longer to get good results – we have jobs, families and lives. We want to exercise smarter not harder, and we want to have fun while doing it.

As I, Coach Brock Armstrong (formerly the Get-Fit Guy), begin the second half of my first century on this planet (I am 50 on Aug 3), I will use my background in Cognitive Behavioural Theory, endurance sport, and a lifelong love of movement to help you move through this world with ease, now and later in life. This podcast isn’t about getting skinny, ripped or jacked – but it is about being fit, capable, healthy and happy!

Whether you were fit when you were younger and let it slide, you never found a fitness program that worked for you, or you are just tired of working so hard to stay fit, it’s time to get your second wind.

A little bit about me – as a child and teen, I was always active and fit but in my 20s, after an injury forced me to leave my career as a professional ballet dancer, I kind of started coasting. Then in my 30s, things got worse. I got a government desk job, gained weight, drank more than I should, allowed depression and a generalized anxiety disorder to grow, and then had a major heart-health scare. The culmination of all this caused me to wake up and begin to seriously focus on my overall health.

After that, and through my 40s, I made a point of working for prominent wellness gurus (like Dave Asprey, Monica Reinagel, Katy Bowman, Mark Sisson, Ben Greenfield, Mark Divine, and Abel James) and used everything I learned from them to turn my health and fitness around. I also took courses, acquired certifications, and became a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy practitioner.

Now, heading into my 50s, I am focusing on continuing to improve (not fall apart) — and I want to bring you along on my journey through podcast episodes, interviews, articles, and videos sharing everything I know (and am still learning).

I am not a millionaire. I am not genetically gifted. I am just like you, simply doing the best with what I have. I am an easy-going Canadian, who is easy to talk to, doesn’t fall for fads or false hype, and focuses on non-intimidating but effective ways to get and stay healthy and fit.

What you can expect from Second Wind:

  • Weekly podcast episodes, alternating between:
  • one 15 minute solo exploration of exercises and workouts, reviews of popular gyms and gear, plus deep dives into specific aspects of fitness.
  • one 45 minute conversation with an expert that I believe we all can learn from.

All the episodes will focus on fitness and movement and how it supports our overall health and wellbeing – including physical health, mental health, emotional wellness, social connectedness, rest, stress, sleep, and more.

So if you are ready to move more of your body, more often, in more and more interesting and satisfying ways, subscribe to the Second Wind Fitness podcast where ever you listen to audio.

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