Video: 7 Movement Bench Workout

If you happen to have access to a bench (or can find one in your neighbourhood) these seven movements can be combined into a great little workout.

The exercises in this video are:

  1. Step-ups
  2. Bench Push-ups
  3. Toe Taps
  4. Dips
  5. Box Jumps (down)
  6. Box Jumps (up)
  7. Knee-ins and Scissor kicks

There are more exercises that you can do on a bench, of course. But if you do these seven, you will pretty much have your bases covered.

Remember that you don’t have to do them exactly as I do. If you aren’t quite ready to drive your knee up on the step-ups, that is fine. Do what you can and work toward doing more.

Give these a try and let me know how it goes in the comments section.

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