Video: Stationary Bike – Active Recovery

Recovering between sets of high-intensity intervals doesn’t have to include sitting on a bench scrolling through Instagram. In fact, you can continue moving your body in interesting ways (like pedaling a ProForm Pro 22 studio bike) while you recover.

The workout I demonstrate in this video goes like this:

  • Warm-up with some easy cycling.
    — 30 seconds of High Intensity (running on the spot with high knees).
  • Cycle easy again until your heart rate returns to your aerobic zone.
    — 30 seconds of High Intensity (burpees).
  • Cycle easy again until your heart rate drops to aerobic.
    — 30 seconds of High Intensity (jumping jacks).
  • Cool down with some easy cycling.

The great thing about active recovery is that it maximizes your workout time and actually makes the recovery time more effective by flushing metabolic byproducts out of your muscles quicker.

The formula I mention in the video is “180 – your age.” So, for me, it is 180 – 49 = 131 (but I round it off to 130 for ease). This is called your MAF (maximum aerobic fitness) heart rate and it is correlated with being in a state of optimal aerobic effort.

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