Video: The 5-0-0 Workout

I created this 5-0-0 workout to commemorate the 500th episode of the Get-Fit Guy podcast.

I call it the 5-0-0 work because it includes: 5 = reps of the five key movements (push-ups, pull-ups, squats, planks, twists) 0 = isometric hold for 5 seconds 0 = rest for 50 seconds

The workout goes like this:

  1. Do 5 push-ups, then hold yourself just off the floor isometrically for 5 seconds, then take a 50-second rest.
  2. Do 5 *pull-ups, then hold your chin at the bar for 5 seconds, and take a 50-second rest.
  3. Do 5 squats, hold the lowest squat you can for 5 seconds, then a 50-second rest.
  4. Do 5 plank taps (on each foot), then hold in plank position for 5 seconds, and take a 50-second rest.
  5. Do 5 Russian twists, then hold in the middle position (boat pose) for 5 seconds, and take a 50-second rest.
  6. Finally, go back to the beginning and do it again for a total of five sets.

* In this video I do seated rows instead of pull-ups but that is just to keep the filming simple and quick (my pull-up bar is down two flights of stairs in my office) *

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