Video: Varied Terrain Walking

My homework from the “Walking Well” program today was to challenge my ankles by walking on terrain that is not flat and level ground. To show you what I mean, I brought you along on part of my off-road walking adventure.

The online course called “Walking Well: A Stepwise Approach to an Everyday Movement” (found at ) has really been expanding my walking ideas and abilities (if you use that link, a portion of the sale goes to support my walking habit). And even if you don’t enroll I still encourage you to follow my example and get off the sidewalks and challenge all of your walking parts!

As my biomechanist friend Katy Bowman says: “Every geometry (shape) your body assumes creates a different load. Adding hills (both up and down) as well as slopes that challenge your ankles (think of the ankle’s experience walking the sloped shore of a beach) uses your body—and creates loads—in ways not available in the flat-flat-flat settings most of us are used to.”

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