Video: Working Dynamically

I love my standing workstation. It would take something major to make me go back to sitting all day at a desk.

But, as a wise biomechanist (Katy Bowman) once said in her book Don’t Just Sit There: “swapping one static position (sitting) for another static position (standing) isn’t our goal.” The goal is to keep your body moving – or said another way, dynamic!

In this video, I show you the many ways I keep my workday dynamic by using different heights of surfaces, different sitting positions, and different seats. Even if you don’t have a desk that adjusts its height, you can use the ideas in this video to make sure you change your geometry during the day.

Because, as we know, our bodies adjust to what we do most not what we do in the 30-90 minutes we allocate for our exercise time.

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