Brock Armstrong Coaching History: After years of using training plans from books, websites, and from magazines, Brock decided to take his own coaching into his own hands. So he attended courses and seminars, read books, listened to podcasts, trained with Canadian record holders, got a number of certifications, and became his own coach.

Since then, Brock has been using that knowledge to coach hundreds of people across thousands of finish lines!

These days Brock prefers to help people figure out the HOW and the WHY rather than give them the WHAT.

Instead of focussing on doing race after race to try to reach or maintain a goal, Brock prefers to help people reset their relationship with food and movement so they can live an active and fun life – and ultimately move through this world with confidence and strength.

If that appeals to you, shoot Brock an email at and you can talk about how to achieve your movement goals.