Brock Armstrong Coaching offers a variety of options depending on your goals, experience… and amount of supervision you require.

After years of using training plans out of books, off websites, and from magazines, Brock decided to take his own coaching into his own hands. So he attended courses and seminars, read books, listened to podcasts, trained with Canadian record holders, got a number of certifications, and became his own coach.

Since then, Brock has been using that knowledge to coach hundreds of people across thousands of finish lines!


    • Triathlon (sprint distance to long course and Ironman) – $250/month
    • Marathon (half to ultra-distance) – $200/month
    • Road or Track Running (500m to 10k) – $200/month
    • Road or Mountain Cycling – $200/month
    • Muscle Strengthening/Toning – $150/month
    • Program Monitoring/Guidance (if you have a plan but just need some help) – $100/month

Other options:

  • 30 or 60 Minute Consultation – $50 or $90
  • Weighless Program (group coaching) with Monica Reinagel – see website for cost and dates.


Photo of a laptop and note book in the sunIn general, Brock uses TrainingPeaks to schedule, plan, and get feedback from his athletes. Programs can also be created using more “old school” methods such as Excel or Word.

Most back-and-forth communication takes place via email but Zoom or FaceTime calls will happen at least once a month (more often, if required or requested).

If you live on Vancouver Island, in-person meetings/sessions can be arranged. But no matter how far away you might be, Brock is always available to you!


  • Daily customized & detailed workouts based on your race(s), work schedule, life stresses, needs, and goals,
  • Workouts delivered to you using TrainingPeaks,
  • Workouts are created/delivered no more than 2 weeks in advance (usually 1 week) – no cookie-cutter programs here,
  • Fitness testing (and re-testing) to determine LT, HR zones, and more,
  • Customized heart rate training zones,
  • Goal-setting and race planning/strategizing,
  • Weekly monitoring of your progress and feedback when necessary,
  • At least one Zoom/Skype/Facetime check-in per month,
  • Unlimited 24/7 email access to your coach,
  • Access to Brock’s network of health and fitness professionals.


Spring 2011 Team in Training Edmonton teamArmstrong Coaching also provides in-person coaching sessions (if geography is not an issue) and online/telephone consultations.

Session topics range from:

  • planning your race season,
  • scheduling your workouts,
  • skills and technique improvement,
  • form/gait analysis,
  • time management,
  • sleep and stress management,
  • overhauling your diet.


Right now! Let’s get rolling! Please send Brock an email at coaching at brock armstrong dot com (but, you know, written like a human not a spammer) and let him know what your health, fitness or racing goals are!

The main things Brock asks for: that you have a specific goal or milestone, you have the motivation to follow through on a program, and you will provide useful feedback so he can tailor your program accordingly.