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Brock teaches people how to move more of their body, more often, in more and more interesting ways as a podcaster (Second Wind Fitness), writer (Scientific American), and movement coach (Armstrong Coaching).

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If you are looking for some inspiration, guidance or instruction, make sure you check out my YouTube channel at BrockArmstrong.com/YouTube. There you will find what I call my “Workout of the Week” series where I demonstrate or explain a new exercise, movement or idea.


Brock Armstrong has one goal: to help people move more of their body, more often in more and more interesting and satisfying ways. 

Brock is a fitness/movement coach who has more than a decade of experience coaching people of all levels to increase their ability to move through this world with ease and confidence. He is also a writer of short stories and teaching memoirs.

After being sidelined from a career as a professional ballet dancer, a brief bout as a desk jockey, and a solid attempt at endurance sports, Brock now embraces a more functional and behavioural approach to fitness and movement. This comes from his background in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and his extensive experience in the health and wellness industry working with many leading personal trainers, coaches, gurus, and wellness consultants including: Mark Sisson (Primal Blueprint), Katy Bowman (Nutritious Movement), Monica Reinagel (Nutrition Diva), Brad Kearns (author), Dave Asprey (Bulletproof), Ben Greenfield (Kion), Abel James (Fat-Burning Man) and Mark Divine (Unbeatable Mind).

Brock’s podcast is called Second Wind Fitness and you can find it anywhere you listen to audio. Brock is also a former writer and podcaster for Scientific American and a past co-host of the podcast Change Academy with Monica Reinagel. He has appeared as a guest and co-host on many health and wellness podcasts, such as: Fat-Burning Man, Ben Greenfield Fitness, Primal Blueprint, Primal Endurance, B.Rad Podcast, Happy Brain, Endurance Planet, and The Whole Athlete.

Brock’s current passion is writing short semi-autobiographical stories. You can find them and subscribe on his SubStack page.

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Brock Armstrong Coaching History: After years of using training plans from books, websites, and from magazines, Brock decided to take his own coaching into his own hands. So he attended courses and seminars, read books, listened to podcasts, trained with Canadian record holders, got a number of certifications, and became his own coach.

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