A Tip on How to Weigh Yourself from Dean Dwyer

crop kid weighing on scale

If you have followed me for a while or if you have been a part of my year-long Weighless program (where we teach you not just how to lose weight but how to maintain a sustainable and healthy body weight) you will know that I encourage my clients to weigh themselves every day. This can be a tough thing for many people.

We attach a lot of emotion, judgement and self-worth to the number we see on the scale – this is not good. Not only are we much more than a number on a scale but thinking that way leads us to hide from that number instead of learning from it.

Recently my friend, Dean Dwyer (creator of the Successful Body) wrote some great advice in his info-packed newsletter that I wanted to share with you if you find yourself in this conundrum.

This is what Dean had to say:

Weighing myself every day is the most profound thing I do on my successful body journey.

Every insight I have made, every skill I have developed, and every result I have achieved starts with the feedback the scale gives me.

And while everyone tells you to weigh yourself, few tell you HOW to do that.

Here is a tip I used when I first started.

Before I stepped on the scale I tried to guess if my weight went up or went down.

  • If I thought it might go down, why did I think that?
  • If I thought it might go up, why did I think that?

For both scenarios, I tried to keep my emotional reaction as close to neutral as possible.

The other scenario that caused havoc was expecting a drop only to discover my weight went up.

The point here is that I rehearsed my reactions to a series of best-case and worst-case scenarios so that I was not blindsided by the unexpected.

While I still reacted emotionally to the unexpected when it did occur, I found I was able to transition much quicker from Emotional Turmoil to Intellectual Curiosity and capture the key lessons that would fuel my future success.

Takeaway — Anticipating as many scenarios as possible and mentally rehearsing how you will deal with each before you step on the scale is a wonderful skill to manage and sustain your weight loss success.