Does Curcumin Work on DOMS?

Recently, there were a few more studies that looked into how curcumin supplementation affects both exercise-induced muscle damage and post-exercise muscle soreness. And, not surprisingly, the results were mixed.

I say “not surprisingly” because, if you keep an eye on these studies and actually look at the results and data, the conclusions the actual researchers reach is generally far from as clear cut as the headlines written about the studies would have you believe. Coffee is not entirely bad for you and red wine is not entirely good for you. It all falls on a spectrum. And the results of this study are no different.

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Why I Do Cold Water Dips

Brock in the water last April

One of the things I love most about where I live is that I can walk to the beach. Granted, I live in Canada… on Vancouver Island… so much of the year the water is ~8 degrees celsius (or colder). But when we moved here in November of 2020, I decided that I would go to the beach as many mornings per week as I could muster. And after a few weeks of walking along the shore and staring out at the water, I started joining some friendly folks who going in the water for a plunge.

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