5 Move Workout, Defusing Thoughts, and Heavy Breathing

A quick reminder that on March 18 Monica Reinagel will be doing another one of her excellent 30-Day Nutrition Upgrades. I know I have told you about it before but It is that good! It makes so much sense and brings so much clarity (and sanity) to the confusing/annoying/over-complicated world of nutrition. 

If you want to join me (yes, I will be there) and Monica for this 30-Day program, or you want to find out more, just go to BrockArmstrong.com/upgrade

Now on with the links!

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Second Wind Fitness – The Five Most Excellent Movements
There are five excellent movements you can do almost anywhere and at any time to help keep you strong and fit—no gym memberships or stretchy pants required. Those five excellent key body movements which I would love to see all of us modern-convenience-loving, chair-dwelling, workaday grumblers incorporating into our lives are: Push-ups, Pull-ups, Squats, Planks, Rotations (don’t worry, explain them all).

Change Academy – Separate the Thought from the Thinker
Do you get stuck in your thoughts, even when (or maybe, especially when) they aren’t helpful? We all do. There is even a name for it – Cognitive Fusion. Well, in this episode, we are going to learn how to defuse ourselves from those thoughts that threaten to undo our hard work, make us feel unworthy or sad, and hold us back from reaching our goals.


Brock Armstrong Coaching –Don’t Hide How Hard You’re Breathing
Breathing heavily when you exercise is not a problem and certainly not a cause for embarrassment. In fact, it is essential for a good workout! Unless you have an underlying medical problem, heavy breathing is simply the body’s way of getting more oxygen to your hard-working cells.


The Five Move Workout

Speaking of short and fun workouts, here is a variation of what I talked about in this podcast episode I shared above. This is a simple but effective workout that you can do at home. You just need a little bit of floor space and a pull-up bar… and some grit!

The moves are: 
1. One pull-up
2. One push-up
3. One squat
4. Plank for 10 seconds (or choose a plank variation)
5. Jog in place for 10 seconds (with high knees)

Don’t let the “single rep” part of this workout turn you off – the transitions are part of the workout and I guarantee with all the up and down in this workout, your heart rate will climb quickly!

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