Forearm & Wrist Strength and Mobility – Workout of the Week #55

Here is a simple series of movements you can do at home with a small hand weight or a regular old hammer. Fun!

Forearm and wrist strength is important in daily life, not just at the gym or in the yoga studio (yes, even yoga demands strong wrists). Building and maintaining strength in this part of the body is essential.

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Lower Ab, Leg Raises

This is a lower ab, leg workout that I have been doing a lot lately. These 4 exercises work a number of muscles but also target the lower abdominals (aka rectus abdominis) in particular.

As well as your lower abs, these movements also improve the strength and mobility of your hips and lower back, which is great for anyone who spends much of their day sitting at a desk.

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The 5 Move Workout – Workout of the Week #50

This is a simple but effective workout that you can do at home. You just need a little bit of floor space and a pull-up bar… and some grit!

The moves are:

  1. One pull-up
  2. One push-up
  3. One squat
  4. Plank for 10 seconds (or choose a plank variation)
  5. Jog in place for 10 seconds (with high knees)

Don’t let the “single rep” part of this workout turn you off – the transitions are part of the workout and I guarantee with all the up and down in this workout, your heart rate will climb quickly!

It’s Not About the Gym or the Gear

Photo of an olde timey gym

Spoiler: There are only three criteria that need to be met in order for a movement to become exercise. Read on to find out more…

Before I went live on Facebook yesterday, I did some digging into the history of the modern gym in an attempt to understand where movement and fitness went wrong for us humans – a species that has been in existence since the Middle Paleolithic (about 200,000 years ago) and has risen to be earth’s apex predator – even before modern tools, housing and weapons.

History of the Gym

It was only in 1939 (the year my father was born) that Jack LaLanne (the olde timey fitness legend ) opened what is heralded as the first Health Club in Oakland, California. At the time, these clubs were mostly dingy, dusty, cellar-like places with a boxing ring, a heavy bag, and a few rusty iron weights strewn around the area. This is where (predominantly) men lifted weights or trained for particular sports (not just in pursuit of picturesque abs and pecs).

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