Fitness Digest – July 11, 2021

Exciting news! I am thinking of offering my “How to Sneak More Movement Into Your Day” workshop again sometime in August. Monica Reinagel and I offered it last summer and not only did we have a blast but we got an overwhelmingly positive response – so why not do it again?

If you would be interested in attending, hit reply on this email with a simple message like “count me in” or “I want to move more” and I will make sure you get the invite!

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Video: Balance, Stability & Mobility

Use it or lose it! Your balance, I mean.

If you pay attention to it, the world is always trying to knock you over in creative ways. The ground gets slippery when it snows, it gets slick with wet leaves and mud, unpredictable people and animals dart out at you, and the ground is often riddled with bumps and cracks. Plus our old friend/foe gravity is constantly pulling on us as if it is just waiting for us to lose our balance and take a tumble. The fact that we manage to stay upright the majority of the day is actually pretty freakin’ incredible.

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Fitness Digest – June 27, 2021

Photo of Brock in a massage chair
Recovering in a massage chair after my Cheat Machine session.

I recently ventured down Vancouver Island to Victoria to check out the new Upgrade Labs location that opened about a month ago. They have many kooky and fun pieces of equipment there but I went straight for a device they call the “Cheat Machine” (brand name: ARX). 

Without getting into too many details (I’ll save that for a podcast episode) the ARX uses adaptive resistance technology where you exercise against a motorized system, paired with special computer software, to give you a super-challenging workout.

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Fitness Digest – June 13, 2021

Two weeks ago, I shared a fancy quiz/assessment with you that Monica Reinagel and I created to help you identify – and remove – the behaviour patterns that are keeping you stuck.  If you haven’t taken the assessment yet, you can do that now.

Based on the 600 (ish) responses that we have received so far, it appears that “Impulse Control” is a big challenge for many of you. ( “Self-care” wasn’t far behind. )

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Fitness Digest – May 30, 2021

Do you know what is holding you back?

You know that maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires a variety of skills, habits, and attitudes, such as impulse control, planning, and self-awareness.  Some of these may come may easily to you and others may be more challenging (to say the least).

Well, Monica Reinagel and I have developed a quiz (well, actually it is more of a scientifically validated assessment) that surfaces your current abilities and tendencies in six different categories associated with successful weight management and then gives you some guidance as to where you may want to focus your efforts. 

Take the quiz FOR FREE and find your focus over on our website.

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