Your position, your balance and not reaching goals.

One of my favourite authors (and definitely my favourite biomechanist), Katy Bowman, has a new book coming out and it is going to be great! If you are a professional mover, an experienced exerciser, or a new-to-movement newbie, you will discover the big and little ways our body parts move in this new book. 

The book is called Rethink Your Position: Reshape Your Exercise, Yoga, and Everyday Movement, One Part at a Time and using her usual clarity and humour that we have come to love, Katy provides simple, engaging instructions that make you rethink your position by simply reshaping what you are already doing. Pre-order it now!

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Second Wind Fitness – Don’t Lose Your Balance
Balance is something we don’t think much about after we learn it (as a child) or start to lose it (as a senior), but balance is crucial to healthy living. Personally, as part of my getting “too fit to fracture” protocol, I am focusing on maintaining my balance more and more. This is why and how.

Change Academy – Why it’s OK if you don’t reach your goal
We’ve talked a lot about goals in this podcast: the purpose and function of goals, how to set good ones, and how to pursue them more effectively, even your goal-setting personality! But in this episode, we want to talk about NOT reaching our goals–and why that is not necessarily a problem. 


Balance, Coordination and Mobility

Speaking of balance (in the latest 2ndWindFit episode) use it or lose it! Your balance, I mean. 

If you think of fitness (as I do) being “the ability to do the activities you enjoy and move through the world with ease and comfort” then to be fit, you don’t always have to get sweaty and out of breath. Sometimes you just have to slow down and focus on the basics – like balance, coordination and mobility. 

This naturally occurring obstacle course on the beach near my house is a perfect place for me to maintain and build these important aspects of my physical fitness. 

I start at one end of the beach and try to spend as little time on the sand and rocks as possible but balancing on the driftwood and jumping from one log to the other. 

This is not only fun but a great way to use all my proprioceptive senses. Because we all know, if we don’t use it we will lose it!

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