A free workshop, body composition, plus a car workout!

Free Workshop ALERT:
Building your Transformation Toolkit

Join me and Monica Reinagel on June 16, 2022, to learn the things that need to be in place to create sustainable weight loss. (Plus the 6 things you THINK you need but actually DON’T).

At this workshop, you’ll learn:
– How to create the right kind of habits,
– The secret to getting (and staying) motivated,
– How to clear away excuses and obstacles.
Register for free at: weighless.life

If any of the following topics happen to tickle your fancy, click the underlined text to read or listen.


Second Wind Fitness – What the Heck is a Healthy Body Composition?
Achieving a healthy body composition can be a tricky endeavour when you are also trying to enjoy your workouts, live an active lifestyle, be good at your job, raise a family, and maybe even perform well in some races and events. While you want to “weigh less,” you also don’t want to lose any precious muscle that you know helps you do the activities you enjoy. This episode can help. 

Change Academy – The Satisfaction of Solving a Long-Standing Problem
In this episode, we interview one of the excellent individuals that we coach in our Weighless program. Marieka has, at the time of this recording, lost 15% of her body weight. And she has done it through the types of lifestyle overhauls, habit changes, mindset shifts and all the fun stuff we talk about in this podcast, each and every episode. 


BrockArmstrong.com – Stay Fit on Vacation – without ruining your vacation
You can indeed stay fit while on vacation … without dragging yourself to some cruddy hotel gym every day. Take a look at these six stress-free, low-key ways to make that happen!


Road Trip Loosener

Sitting in a car is a drag but if you take a few minutes, each time to stop, to do some key movements you can stay loose and comfortable all the way to your destination.

The movements in this video are:
– Full body shake
– Hip Circles
– Spine extension and contraction
– Ankle and Wrist Circles
– Leg Swings
– Lungeing Arm Circles
– Lungeing Cactus Arms
– Cardio

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