A New Half Marathon PB

Despite the icy, slushy, snowy and uneven Edmonton terrain, I managed to PB this morning! I posted the nerdy data/details at the Garmin Connect website – http://connect.garmin.com/activity/68153804

1:40:50 was my official time this morning at the Edmonton Hypothermic Half Marathon (sleepy-head edition). It was 2 degrees Celsius above zero so not an entirely accurate name for the race (this year) but still, racing outdoors in February in Edmonton is always a crap-shoot.

My previous Half Marathon PB was 1:54:05. I got that at the BMO Vancouver Marathon in 2009. I have done a couple Halfs since then but none very seriously. I have always considered the Full Marathon to be my race but after today I am having second thoughts. The Half Marathon is just so… civilized. I am still able to walk, talk and be productive even after PBing. That is not something I can usually say after a Full.

According to the stat sheet that was hanging near the finish line, I placed 7th overall and 3rd in my category. I will wait to see the results when they are posted online to make sure that is accurate but I have no reason to doubt that it is.

I am a proud runner… now I will wait to hear what my coach has to say about it! Come on Tania, check your email!

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