All-or-nothing, vacations, worthiness and a chair workout

I got a wonderful email from a wonderful listener the other day. This is what Wonderful Listener had to say:

“I wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much I appreciated your last three podcasts. Each with their own particular spin, reinforced the valuable messages of avoiding all-or-nothing thinking, focusing on what you can do rather than what you can’t, and the power of a little planning, and habits. I’ve heard you speak about these in the past, but I find the reinforcement really valuable. I thought of you recently when I was doing “ladder squats” on the slide when I took some of the grandchildren to the playground.😉”

This means so much to me. I will be honest with you. To date, I have made about $30 from the Second Wind Fitness podcast. Actually… let me rephrase that.

I have received about $30 from directing some listeners to my friend Brad Kearns’ Morning Movement Routine. But I have also spent hundreds on hosting, apps, microphones, websites, and of course all the time it takes to create a podcast. So, in the absence of monetary reward, emails like this truly are the reason I keep going. 

So thank you all for subscribing, listening, reading and occasionally purchasing something I recommend. But a special thank you to those of you who take the time to share your successes with me. You are valued and appreciated. 

If any of the following topics happen to tickle your fancy, click the underlined text to read or listen.


Second Wind Fitness – Low-Stress Ways to Stay Active on Vacation
I just got back from a sunny getaway (it’s what we Canadians do at this time of year). We should all take a break from work and getting away is a great way to do that. But getting away from normal life doesn’t have to mean getting away from our physical fitness goals.

Change Academy – Are You Worth This Effort?
In our recent episode “Will I succeed?” we offered some questions to evaluate your chances of succeeding at whatever goal you are working toward. One of them was: Do I believe I am worth the effort – and worthy of the outcome? What if your answer to that question is No? What can you do to change that to a Yes? In this episode, we explore some possible answers to this question.


Brock Armstrong Coaching – Are You Planking Wrong?
Boring old crunches are easily the most common of the exercises if you want to get phenomenal abdominals – but are they the most effective or fun way to strengthen your core? Probably not. So let’s look at planking instead and make sure you aren’t making some pretty common and easy-to-correct mistakes.


Sitting Down and Standing Up

Do you usually use your hands, arms and a lot of gravity/momentum to get in and out of a chair? If you do, you are missing a great opportunity to build some strength, balance and mobility. Use the variations in this video to turn this everyday activity into a meaningful movement snack!

And don’t worry if you can’t do all the variations rights now, just keep working on the ones you can do and you will get there! As you can see, I am not able to sit down and stand back up again using just one leg but if I practice the one-legged stand long enough, I will be able to.

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