Brock’s Bi-weekly Roundup – Sep 2, 2018

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Scientific American – Why Pre-Workout Static Stretching Is Actually Dangerous While it is true that we should definitely warm up before exercise, holding a static stretch is definitely not the way to go about it.

Get-Fit GuyGoing Barefoot and 8 Other Ways to Improve Balance Balance is something we don’t think much about after we learn it (as a child) or start to lose it (as a senior), but balance is crucial to healthy living.

Get-Fit Guy –  The Perfect Workout Recovery Day A closer look at some protocols that will not only ensure that you keep your post-workout aches and pains to a minimum while also allowing your body to gain better fitness and strength from that killer workout that landed you in this hot and sweaty mess.

Curiosity – Science of Stretching (w/ Get-Fit Guy) Science of Stretching (w/ Get-Fit Guy), Tourette Syndrome Myths, and 3 Ways to Boost Emotional Intelligence.

Adelaide RealA Guide to Getting Fit Together In today’s episode Paul chats with Brock Armstrong The Get-Fit-Guy.

Endurance PlanetAsk the Coaches #268 Mentally Preparing to Race, How Much is Too Much DOMs, Inconsistent Pacing, 50 Days of Ironman, and more!

Ben Greenfield FitnessQ&A #389 Is A Low Carb Diet Bad For You?, Coconut Oil Controversy, Inulin In Energy Bars, Reversing The Damage of EMF & Much More!

Blog Posts:

Get-Fit GuyThe Benefits of Using an Elliptical Trainer A look at the benefits of using an elliptical trainer plus a workout that takes full advantage of those benefits while also keeping you from getting lulled into a stupor by all that repetition.


FacebookMy Morning Routine A look at the mobility exercises that I do pretty much every single morning while I am waiting for my coffee to brew.


Triathlon – For those of you in Vancouver, let me know if you are racing in the Vancouver Triathlon on September 3 and we can plan a finish line meet-up. I’ll be the guy with the deeply indented goggles marks on my face. Apparently, my face is made of plasticine lately.

Running – I have signed up once again for the awesome East Side 10k here in Vancouver. If you are also running, let me know and we can hang out… in the rain… because it pretty much always rains during that race. Right?

Spectating – I am not racing but I will be at the Chicago Marathon in October cheering and grabbing some interviews. If you are going to be there, let’s met up!

And that is that. Phew! It was a busy two weeks.

Now, get out there and get that body moving!

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