Distancing Myself

I had an informal goal last year. It was to run 2010kms in the year 2010. Well, I ended up running 2100.2km (as well as swimming 65118.4m and cycling 2122km). Not bad, if I do say so myself. I know it is nothing like the mileage an elite runner puts on (right Tania?) but I am a musician who teaches university level nerd courses.

Fast forward to this morning —>> so far this year I have run 993.5km! The best part is that it’s only mid-April! At this rate I will likely hit 2800km before 2011 is over!

The bulk of this year’s running I owe to Lioudmila and Tania. They have me on a very steady diet of kilometres, kms and klicks. Last week alone I ran 119.9km divided up over the week as: Monday 8kms easy, Tuesday 14km steady, Wednesday 12km a little faster, Thursday 18km quality (speed), Friday 14km easy, Saturday 21km very easy, Sunday 26km comfortable. Throw in 5km of Hill Repeats with my Team in Training-ers on Tuesday night and you have yourself one spicy meatball!

If you are interested in taking a closer look at my workouts you can go to http://www.workoutlog.com/log/public/brocksky and take a peek. Yes, I love data and between my Adidas miCoach and my Garmin 310xt I track everything meticulously.

*Disclaimer – don’t try this at home unless you have a couple top coaches that will keep an eye on you, some awesome Adidas running gear, a wicked nutritionist tracking your food intake (plus regular appointments with a Registered Massage Therapist, ART Certified Chiropractor, a foam roller, and nightly ice baths). Basically – the iRun Runner Makeover!

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