Getting Durable with Tim Waggoner (Endurance Planet)

What does being “durable” mean to you?

My guest on this episode, Tim “Lucho” Waggoner, has a goal of being durable. Physically and mentally. And I love that notion. It takes so many of the loaded ideas we have about our bodies out of the equation.

And being durable feels so much more meaningful than simply being thin or muscular but it can include it.

Tim raced as a professional triathlete before switching his focus to ultra races. He switched once again to sprint distance races before really changing his focus to work on becoming as durable as possible. We get into what that means and how you can achieve it, in this episode.  

Tim “Lucho” Waggoner raced as a professional triathlete where he placed top 12 at the Hawaiian Ironman World Championships, won the USA National Ironman Championship back in 2004 and was the US Triathlete of the year in 2000.  

After retiring from triathlon, Tim dove headfirst into ultra racing where he won (and broke the course record) in his first 50-mile trail race. 

He then went on to place 6th at the Leadville 100 and was the overall winner of the Leadman series in 2012, which includes all of the Leadville races. So yeah, he is a bit of a badass.

In our chat, we get into:

  • Tim’s history as an endurance athlete
  • When and why he got into coaching
  • What he learned from being a coach
  • Why “it depends” is often the answer to so many fitness (and life) questions
  • How he is approaching his athletic goals are now
  • How his priorities and reasons to be fit/durable have changed over the years.

Then Tim offers three nuggets – workouts, mindsets, strategies, or advice for listeners who want to upgrade their fitness.

You can hear Tim on the Ask the Coaches podcast episodes at and you can find him online at

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