Everyday movement, success, plus a great core exercise

Before we dig into what I have been up to in the past two weeks, I want to share something I did yesterday that I think you will like (and hopefully emulate).

It was a busy day, with more appointments and hurdles than usual. That meant I didn’t get my usual morning walk and workout in – oh no! But do not fear, dear reader, I had a solution! I just set an alarm on my watch to go off every 30 minutes and when it would go off, I would stop what I was doing and do either:

And you know what? By the end of the day, I had accumulated a heck of a workout!

Now, I did have to break the 30-minute cycle at one point (for some unavoidable tasks) but as soon as those tasks were complete, I got right back on schedule. And thus, I did not have to miss my valuable movement time even though my day was a bit rocky and weird. 

Score one for not engaging in all-or-nothing thinking 🙂

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Second Wind Fitness – Some Simple Ways to Move More – every. single. day.
The evidence is all around us—we can’t offset or undo hours and hours of sitting still with a single bout of exercise. And who would even want to when there are so many easy and fun ways to inject more movement right into your day?

Change Academy – Goals vs. Commitments: Why you need both
Do you know the difference between goals and commitments? Both play an important role in creating a life that is both meaningful and purposeful. In this episode, Monica and I explore the distinctions between them, and how they can work together to guide your efforts.

Change Academy – Will I Succeed?
In this episode, we talk about ways to evaluate your chances of success. More importantly, we want to offer some ideas for maximizing your chances of success.


Brock Armstrong Coaching – Lift One Arm, Bend One Leg?
Single limb, or unilateral training, is an often overlooked part of resistance training but there are a few really good reasons why you could start adding them to your plan.


Bird Dog – core exercise

Those of you who listened to my interview with osteoporosis researcher, Lora Giangregorio (all about being too fit to fracture), may remember her mentioning this exercise as a great one for people who are concerned about their bone strength (as I am). 

While it is a great exercise for those specific people – the exercise known as the “Bird Dog” is simply an excellent core exercise that can also improve your stability, help you develop a neutral spine, and even help stave off or alleviate some types of lower back pain. 

Doing these movements a few times per week (either the first few or all of them) can make you strong while also helping you develop proper posture, coordination and a full range of motion.

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