Feed The Human Podcast – Ep 004

It was a historic moment over at the Feed the Human podcast. They celebrated their 4th podcast by having their first ever guest – Coach Brock!

It was a historic moment over at the Feed the Human podcast.  They celebrated their 4th – yes, 4th – podcast and the had their first ever guest – Coach Brock!

This is what they had to say about the interview:

Brock is a fitness coach, web designer, sound producer, musician, dancer and so much more. He speaks about his coaching clients, working with Ben Greenfield, the ancestral health movement, the cross roads that our species is at, his goals for the future, why he has decided to stop racing and he shares his top three tips for his athletes, which you could apply to setting goal you set – fitness or not.

In this podcast we talked about:
– Nora Gedgaudas was on the Dr. Oz Show.
– The Biggest Loser Winner. Too much?
– What I ate last night
– Spiralizer – the must have new kitchen gadget
– My career as a ballet dancer
– Why I see himself as a ‘coach’ and not a ‘trainer’
– What I believe drives people to run marathons
– Is Joe Blow or Julie Blow running marathons?
– Plunk and sploosh
– Blood work in Canada vs US
– Why we were healthier 200 years ago
– My top three tips for any endurance athletes
– What Ben Greenfield has learned from Brock Skywalker?
– The story behind my name
– Real Food Challenge – Bone Broth

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