Get (back) in shape, expectations, and a core workout

I just got back from a rather harrowing Stand-up Paddle Board adventure. When we started paddling off the shore we knew it was a bit windy but with the wind at our backs, it seemed benign enough. But when we turned around, yikes!

Here’s the thing, when the tailwind turned into a headwind, I had a choice to make: either struggle and be miserable all the way back to shore – OR – accept the uncontrollable and enjoy the workout. I chose the latter. 

Sometimes we get so hung up on our expectations that we miss the unexpected opportunities.

Sure it was a challenge getting back to shore and I did worry that I might end up in North Vancouver instead of home (not really) but in the end, I had a great time, a great workout, and I strengthened a mindset that will serve me well in all areas of my life. I call that a successful paddle. 

If any of the following topics happen to tickle your fancy, click the underlined text to read or listen.


Second Wind Fitness – Need to Get (Back) in Shape? Here’s a Plan!
Whether you want to get back in shape or you want to get in shape for the very first time, improving your fitness begins by starting where you are, setting reasonable goals, and tracking your progress. In this episode, I will show you how.

Change Academy – Expectations
Our expectations powerfully impact what happens to us.  If we believe something is going to help, hurt, suck, or be fun – our experience will probably fulfill that belief. In this episode, we examine why when you are sure you will fail, you sure will!


Weighless Life – The Paradox of Distracted Eatin
We all do it, from time to time. We grab a bowl of popcorn, sit down in front of the TV, and shovel away. Before we know it, the entire bowl is gone and we don’t really remember eating it let alone how it tasted. And while this seems harmless enough, distracted eating can easily be one of the biggest reasons we gain weight or have trouble losing it.


Full Core Workout (not just abs)

Here is a simple and quick core workout that will help you develop your entire core (knees to nipples) not just your abdominal muscles. 

The exercises in the video are:

  • Full Sit-ups (with various hand positions)
  • High Plank Tow-Taps
  • Straight Leg Ab Crunches
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Flutter Kicks and Leg Circles
  • Low Plank Tow-Taps
  • Bicycle Crunches
  • Side Plank (with rotations)

Do as many reps are you are able (this make take some trial and error) and as many sets as you can do without ending up too sore the next day. 

As you can tell, this workout helps strengthen your upper and lower abdominals, your upper and lower back, and your sides. All the parts we generally refer to as “your core.”

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