The Minimum Viable Threshold with Dean Dwyer (the Successful Body)

The guest on this episode turned 56 in September and he has done what most people think can’t be done at his age – he is more fit than he has ever been in his life. We dive into not only the HOWs but also the WHYs behind his transformation.

My guest on this episode is Dean Dwyer, author of the book, Make Shift Happen, creator of the Extraordinary Willpower course, and the host of The Mindset Show. He is a former educator who now spends his time teaching others how they can be successful in their own lives to change how they look, work and live. 

In the episode, we discuss:

  • The evolution of Dean’s fitness program/plan and mine.
  • What do we really want from our bodies?
  • How does Dean measure his fitness?
  • What role does consistency play?
  • Doing activities and workouts that you don’t enjoy?
  • How often does Dean truly push himself?
  • What are Dean’s top three “workouts?” Or perhaps mindsets?

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