Exercise Your Brain, Basketball Lessons & a little BOOST

Just a little inspirational photo from a cycling trip I took through Europe a couple of years ago to kick this movement digest off with a bang!

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Second Wind Fitness – Move The Body, Heal The Mind with Jennifer J Heisz , PhD (NeuroFit Lab)
Dr. Jennifer J. Heisz is an expert in brain health. Plus she is Associate Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at McMaster University and directs the NeuroFit Lab, where she researches the effects of exercise for brain health. She’s joined me on this episode to talk about her research, how we can use it in our lives, and her new book. 

Change Academy – 5 Lessons I learned from Basketball
Monica and I are still taking a bit of a spring break from the podcast right now but we asked our friend Molly Watts from the Alcohol Minimalist podcast to share some of her wisdom with you in this bonus episode. And don’t worry… I am not a basketball fan either and I still got a lot out of it 😉


Move Your Body, Heal Your Mind

Here are a couple of simple, cool, and effective tips from the book “Move the Body, Heal the Mind” that Dr. Jennifer Heisz shared with me on the latest episode of the Second Wind Fitness podcast.

Research showing the benefits of physical exercise is not exactly shocking – we all know exercise is good for us… right? But Dr. Heisz’s work and those of her peers in the field have helped establish how exercise is not only good for our bodies, but also for our brains: exercise can improve memory and cognition, and even help ward off dementia and ease depression.

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