Night Before the Oasis – Montreal

Tomorrow at 8:45am I am racing another 10k. This time I am in Montreal for the Montreal Oasis Marathon. The Russians (my coaches, Ilia and Lucy) have me running a number of shorter races instead of killing myself with tempo runs. So far it has been a lot more fun than running alone and I am likely seeing more benefit from the extra effort. Time will tell – i’m only 2 weeks from the Chicago Marathon (and my BQ).

This morning I got up and did an unfed (aside from water and a cup of coffee) 8km @ 5:15 training run. Unfed because I am trying to drop a couple more lbs before Chicago and because they say you can absorb more carbs (glycogen) when you get your muscles and liver stores are depleted from exercise before fuelling them up (short of a shortcut to carb loading). After the run I sprayed about 20 pumps of Magnesium on my legs and then had a whey protein smoothy (with a banana, coconut and almonds) in an ice-bath. Then, after I packed and got ready for my flight, I had another glass of water, and some sweet potato, regular potato, quinoa, wild rice, beet and yogourt in a bowl with a little salt and pepper – delicious!

At the airport I ate a few almonds, another cup of coffee and a couple cookies. On the plane I had some water and a small chicken and veggie wrap and come chocolate.

After hitting the Race Expo I grabbed a bowl of pasta with meat sauce, more water, cranberry & soda and later a cappuccino and a little bowl of decadent chocolate mousse.

For “dinner” I had a banana, a little bag of almonds, 2 scoops of Super Greens (with water) and a couple cookies from the plane. That’ll be it until morning.

I have been taking 2 x 3 Extreme Endurance tablets for about a week now and 7Systems since Thursday (along with my daily Vitamin D drops and Fish Oil capsules).

For breakie tomorrow I have a banana and a cliff bar. There is some coffee in the room that I am sure I will break-out too. Then a GU Roctane at the start line a few minutes before the race.

I think that about covers it – bed time (9:40pm)… though I will probably watch something on NetFlix for a while before sleeping.

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