A Strong Case for the Pull-up Bar

An inexpensive and discreet piece of exercise equipment that I think everyone ought to have in their home is a pull-up bar and my reason for that may surprise you. As much as I like how my back muscles look after I have been consistently practicing pull-ups, a more important factor for me (especially lately) is how my shoulders function and feel.

You probably know someone (or maybe you are someone) who has limited mobility in their shoulders. I have been noticing this more and more in family members and people I work with. Sure, some of them have had an acute injury that caused it (or at least kicked it off) but the majority of people, I would suggest, are suffering more from the old move-it or lose-it issue. 

Their shoulder movements started to get difficult over time, maybe with some amount of pain, and so they decided to “rest” that body part – or more specifically, that body area. The problem with that is unless there is an injury that actually requires rest (rarely ever longer than a few weeks), this is the opposite of what you should be doing. 

But I am not going to try to give you physiotherapy sessions via podcast (because that is dumb and I am not a physiotherapist) but what I will give you is a movement that you can practice as a bit of pre-hab for that entire upper area of your torso. 

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