Stress, resistance bands, and activity trackers

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Second Wind Fitness – Do You Need an Activity Tracker?
Despite the fact that you can buy an activity tracking device for your toddler or your pet now, there is actually little evidence that shows they can do anything to improve your fitness. And sure, it would be easy to blame the devices themselves, but I think there is more to this issue than simply inaccurate data.

Change Academy – Stress vs. Stressor
In this episode, we’re going to talk about the importance of distinguishing between stress and stressors. Because this can be the first step toward reducing their negative effects, both on our bodies and on our lives.

Change Academy – What to Focus on Next
Most of us have a long list of things about our lives (or ourselves) that we would like to work on or improve. The problem is that when we try to change too many things at once, we end up changing nothing. That is why knowing what to focus on, and when, is essential.


Brock Armstrong Coaching – Lift Something Heavy – Over Your Head
The overhead press is one of the most effective shoulder exercises and it also has other important benefits. So, here are some reasons why I think that you should lift something heavy over your head on a regular basis.


A Mini-Band Workout

Here is a reasonably well-rounded, full-body workout you can do with just a set of mini-bands and your body weight. You don’t even need to change into workout clothes as long as you are wearing things you can move in – which you really ought to be doing anyway – dress for the job you want 🙂

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