Tania Jones!

Yesterday I had the awesome pleasure of not only finding out that I have been shortlisted for the iRun Makeover Content but I got two emails and spoke on the phone with THE Tania Jones (I felt a little like an excited school boy).

We mostly chatted about the contest and how I might fit in if I was to be chosen as a finalist (which I really REALLY hope I do) but she also offered me some great training advice.

I think I am falling into the trap of the over achiever, over enthusiastic, over training marathon runner – I have hopes, dreams, goals and plans that don’t actually support each other… which is fine if “just participating” is your goal but… mine is not. I really have my sights set on qualifying for the Boston Marathon and that means I have to train smart and focused. Coach Jane had spoken to me about this in the past and it made sense then… but for some reason, since that conversation with Jane, I let that idea slide. Hearing it again from Tania made me realize that I was once again falling into that trap.

So this morning, I am off to get to work on some focused speed training and then this afternoon I am going to look at my plans for the season and see how I can streamline it. Woo!

See, even coaches need coaching.

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