Treats, sore necks, and stumbling blocks

Before we dive into this issue of my fortnightly digest, a little story. 

I recently spent some time with an acquaintance of mine who has wanted to lose some body fat for nearly a decade now. A refrain I have often heard from him is something like “my life is hard enough without also eliminating the treats that I enjoy.”  

But here’s the thing: moments after eating the treat, he was back to complaining about his job, his money issues, and so on. *Huh?*

So here’s the thing: You can live a miserable life with treats or without them. They’re not the thing that is making your life worth living. And perhaps, just perhaps, taking some control of your life and making a change for the better (such as limiting – not eliminating – your treats) might actually make you feel better about your place in the world, not worse. 

What do you think?

If any of the following topics happen to tickle your fancy, click the underlined text to read or listen.


Second Wind Fitness – A Pain in the Neck – Literally!
In this special episode, sourced from the archives of my old podcast, WorkplaceHero, we dive into neck pain and how to deal with it. Neck pain can be caused by any workplace activity that strains your neck and you might feel pain at the base of your skull and down into your shoulders, or you might just feel a knot in your neck. But it is avoidable and that is what we cover in this episode.

Change Academy – How to turn Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones
We may stumble when we’re trying something new and don’t yet know where the tricky parts are. (Fair enough!)  And then there are those things that we seem to stumble over and over again.  You’d think we’d learn how to avoid them! But one of the reasons that we don’t is that we focus on the wrong part of the story.


Brock Armstrong Coaching – A Tip on How to Weigh Yourself from Dean Dwyer
If you have followed me for a while or if you have been a part of my year-long Weighless program you will know that I encourage my clients to weigh themselves every day. This can be a tough thing for many people but my friend Dean has some great tips for you.


Yard Work Workout

If you find it difficult to make time to get the movement that your body requires, I suggest using your autumn yard work as a way to move more and have fun while you do it! 

With a few modifications, yard work can be one of the best workouts you can do. It naturally has opportunities for squats, bends, pulls, lifts, and carries. And if you follow my lead, you can add in a few extra movements like lunges, toe touches, torso twists, push-ups, core strength and even a few Jedi-like moves. 

Choosing movements that have a purpose beyond simply “getting some exercise” can be easier to fit into your day, mostly because they can take place outside of your dedicated exercise time (which is a relatively small portion of your day). 

So, I suggest you use this video as inspiration for your yard work but also look for opportunities while doing other chores to get more movement into your life! It’s a fun way to get and stay fit.

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