Video: 2-Minute Movement Snack

Here is a two-minute routine you can do anytime you need a boost or a break. As you can probably tell, my heart and respiration rate are way up by the end of this simple snack. 

Movements in this video are:

  • Arm circles with marching
  • Cactus Arms with marching
  • Side core rotations
  • Overhead side reach
  • The Saturday Night Fever
  • Kneel to Stand

From a recent article at

“Exercise snacks are a feasible way to interrupt prolonged (i.e., 6–hour to 9-hour) bouts of sedentary activity, which is in and of itself beneficial for cardiometabolic health. These breaks in sedentary time also improve postprandial (postmeal) metabolism by reducing excursions in glucose and triglycerides throughout the day in healthy adults and adults with diabetes.

Although structured exercise is necessary for maintaining and improving fitness, the relevance of daily activity patterns to health is becoming increasingly apparent. It’s prudent to move more, and move more often, avoiding long periods of sedentary time whenever possible.”

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