Your Engine’s 50,000 Mile Tune-Up (feed drop: Change Academy)

50 Thousand Mile tune-up? What the heck is that? Well… it’s a metaphor! For what we need during the ageing process. And this feed drop from the Change Academy podcast that you are about to hear is a deep dive into what the body physically needs, to keep its engine running.

If you’ve ever owned a motor vehicle (or a fancy bike), you know that routine maintenance (getting the oil changed, checking your tire pressure, monitoring the brake pads, etc.), can keep your vehicle running well and on the road for a long time.  Every so often, however, a more comprehensive tune-up is recommended. 

In the same way, healthy habits like eating well, staying active, managing stress, and so on, go a long way toward keeping your body and life running smoothly  But every once in a while, our lives can benefit from a more thorough going over.

So on the Change Academy podcast, just for fun, we’ve organized our tuneup into 10 parts, each corresponding to a different part of a car, from the onboard computer, through the navigation system, alignment, brakes, all the way through to the filters, shock absorbers and THE ENGINE (which is what I play for you in this episode).   

Whether or not you currently have any warning lights flashing on the dashboard of your life, I hope you will enjoy this dive into how to maintain your engine as you put on more and more miles. 

Listen to the rest of the series at

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