All about Paleo F(x) 2015

Coach Brock is reunited with his friend and ex-cohost to discuss life and all the things he learned at PaleoF(x) 2015 in Austin Texas.

Brock and Debbie chat about take aways from the Paleo FX conference this past April in 2015.

1. Are you really super busy? Is being “too busy” healthy? When to downscale and simply your life so you are not creating a stressful life.
2. Can you disconnect? Try taking off your notifications on the cell phones and Ipad. How often do you look at your phone per hour? Facebook? Do you respond to text messages and emails immediately?
3. Paleo and Primal Paleo…primal lifestyle. Trainers becoming health coaches or as we are “superhuman coaching”.
4. Sleep, stress, movement, exercise and nutrition is what needs to be addressed to be a healthy whole individual.
5. Are your friends similar to you in their lifestyle habits? Do you date similar people or does it matter? Its not always possible to surround yourself with like minded individuals.
6. Put the life into living…Is balance 80/20?
7. Paleo FX Conference review.
8. Rob Wolff: Hot dog competitions… ice cream challenge. French fries. How do you make more room in your stomach? Switch up what you are eating. Palate Fatigue. Your body says “enough” after a while…but you can reset that button by eating another flavor as French fries to go back to eating more hot dogs! We eat too many calories. Our diet is so varied and so many flavors. We are able to overeat on a chronic basis. Too many choices! We switch to another food before we are tired of eating one flavor. We never fatigue our taste receptors to get that “stop eating that food …that is enough” response.
9. Sleep talks…Dr. Kirk Parsley. Willpower and decision making dependent on having restful sleep. People who have trouble with the onset of sleep or falling back asleep after awake panic or become anxious about their next day “list”. Solution is to make a list at the end of your work day of what you need to get done the next done and what is realistic to get that finished. Block out the time and focus on those items.
10. Focus and finish. Cross things off you list. Feel more relaxed and accomplished. Work on one thing at a time in a set time block. Do your big five for the week and the day.
11. First victory of the day…make your bed. Willpower and making good decisions. Stay on top of your life and not letting your life run you!
12. Review with your kids or spouse at the end of the day…what were your struggles and victories of the day? Start a journal but also share with each other…three things that made a difference in someone’s life or what you did for someone else.
13. Gratitude…overused word? Maybe look at your struggles instead in a positive way.
14. Weakness? Not to look at your weakness as negative but “areas of opportunity” or improvement. What areas of my life can I do better or improve on?
15. Mark Sisson’s moment on stage bashing Paleo lifestyle a little bit. Not to be too rigid and dogmatic about any diet. Life is so much more than only the choices on what you are going to eat or how you will sleep. Don’t forget LIFE IS TO BE AWESOME!
16. Mark’s 80/20 rule on sensible indulgence. Taste and enjoy the experience…making the choices based on the right information then owning it. In that moment… it was enjoyable experience and worth it.
17. Lifestyle or a journey …not a diet.
18. It’s the WHOLE picture. Healthy whole lifestyle.

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