Episode 60: Brad Pilon

Description: Brock Armstrong hosts today’s broadcast and interviews Brad Pilon, who discusses his book on intermittent fasting, Eat Stop Eat. Intermittent fasting is a topic that most followers of Mark’s Daily AppleThe Primal Blueprint, or this podcast series should be quite familiar with. But today’s episode delves head first into the subject.


Applied Human Nutrition and Nutritional Sciences are Brad’s fields of study. He spent several years in the R&D department of the Canadian sports nutrition industry before he returned to school to study “No Nutrition,” aka, the science of fasting.

In this show, he gives evidence-based guidelines on how to fast and why it benefits the body, cautions against fasting in conjunction with other diets, provides fair warning to lean individuals who want to try the practice, and spends quite a bit of time explaining why women and fasting has a bad rap.

Show Notes:

  • Does fasting encourage muscle catabolism? [07:51]
  • Bodybuilder diets and whether women should eat small, frequent meals for weight loss. [09:27]
  • What’s the best “cleanse” and what are its effects on the body? [10:46]
  • When should you fast and how often? [12:29]
  • Amino acids, protein 6, and finding the right data to research fasting. [17:19]
  • How to beat “hangriness” and food cravings. Also, how to time your fast. [18:35]
  • Rigid vs. flexible diets. [22:20]
  • How to make your fast fit your goals and body type. [25:26]
  • Fasting for women: differences in free fatty acid concentration and insulin resistance. [30:36]
  • How to fast responsibly. [35:21]
  • Can you cheat during a planned fast? [39:45]
  • What can you do right now to get healthier? [43:19]
  • Where can you read more about Brad Pilon and his work? [45:54]

Selected Links from the Episode:
Brad Pilon
Eat Stop Eat

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