Bi-weekly Roundup – Sep 16, 2018

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Here is a roundup of all the odd and wonderful health and wellness places that I was published on between Sep 2 and Sep 16, 2018.


Scientific American – Going Barefoot and 8 Other Ways to Improve Balance Balance is something we don’t think much about after we learn it (as a child) or start to lose it (as a senior), but balance is crucial to healthy living

Get-Fit GuyThe Benefits of Applying Mindfulness to Exercise Occasionally we all simply need to zone-out and let our bodies do what they want to do. But, if all of your workouts involve some type of distraction or other, it may be time to add some mindfulness into your workout regimen.

Get-Fit Guy11 Reasons Not to Skip Leg Day What is often referred to as Leg Day is a day that some beginner weightlifters either don’t know about or actively avoid. More seasoned lifters know that if they skip leg day they will end up unbalanced, top heavy, injured and also may end up being featured in the next “never skip leg day” meme on social

Endurance PlanetAsk the Coaches 269: Training for Track with Limited Time, From Overweight to Boston, Fasting on Training Days, and more!

Blog Posts:

Get-Fit GuyThe Truth About Flexibility vs. Mobility Developing mobility is just as important as developing flexibility. But neither can exist in isolation and neither can improve without proper attention.


BrockArmstrong.comWorkout of the Week #15 In this video, I explain how I keep my workday dynamic while also avoiding being seated in one position for too long.


Photo of Brock
Brock heading out for a second and final lap.

Triathlon – I had a hard but fun day at the #VancouverTriathlon2018. It was a choppy (and unnerving) swim, but an awesome ride, followed by a bit of a (death) march run. So yeah, it was a little humbling… but the rebuild has begun!

Spectating – I am not racing but I will be at the Chicago Marathon in October cheering and grabbing some interviews. If you are going to be there, let’s met up!

And that is that. Phew! It was a busy two weeks. Now, get out there and get that body moving!

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