Butt balancing, exertion, and real self-care

I turned 51 on Aug 3 and although this past year has had many ups and downs, it is important to remember that there is always something to be grateful for.

So while I hiked around an apple orchard before sleeping in a Yurt the night of my birthday, I took stock of some of my favourite things. And you know what? You, dear reader, were on my list!

Ok, maybe not YOU specifically… but the fact that you take time to read my newsletters, listen to my podcasts, and watch my videos really means the world to me.  

So, please accept my birthday gratitude and here’s to another trip around the sun together!

If any of the following topics happen to tickle your fancy, click the underlined text to read or listen.


Second Wind Fitness – How Hard Are You Exercising? (rate of perceived exertion)
You may have heard me say that you should do a particular exercise at a particular intensity or your doctor may have told you to get 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity exercise per week. Do you need to buy an activity tracker or get a kinesiology degree to know exactly how intense these workouts should be?

Change Academy – Permission Giving Thoughts
Permission giving thoughts are all of those reasons and excuses that our brains are so good at coming up with for continuing to engage in habitual behaviours which we have identified as unhelpful. 

Change Academy – Rescuing $elf-Care from Consumer Culture
We’re told that self-care is essential to our well-being; it’s practically a duty! But it’s easy to confuse self-care with self-indulgence–and while indulgences can be fun, they don’t necessarily improve our well-being.


Brock Armstrong Fitness – Don’t Hide How Hard You’re Breathing
Breathing heavily when you exercise is not a problem and certainly not a cause for embarrassment. In fact, it is essential for a good workout! Unless you have an underlying medical problem, heavy breathing is simply the body’s way of getting more oxygen to your hard-working cells.


Butt Balancing

Butt Balancing (or Boat Pose) is a great core exercise that you can do anywhere. In addition to the core muscles, balancing like this challenges the deep hip muscles as well. And, as the name implies, it also helps you build your balance. It’s pretty fun too!

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