Video: Calf Raise Variations

Good news! Calf workouts do not tire you out like squats do (so you won’t need to spend the remainder of the day on the couch) and they don’t burn you out like a shoulder workout does (so you won’t have to get a close friend to wash your hair for you). Calves are also easy to stretch, foam roll or self-massage…

So there is really no excuse to not add some calf work into your movement plan!

Our calf muscles are truly important in all our fitness and lifestyle endeavours:

  • They act as both the gas and the brake when we run.
  • When you are climbing a steep hill, that is your calf muscle in action.
  • Coming down the other side of the hill, your calf makes sure you don’t wipe out.

According to a Runner’s World survey of 14,000 injured runners, calf pulls were the second most common injury reported. If you don’t strengthen and stretch the lower leg, you are at risk.

Plus shapely calves are aesthetically pleasing. Toned calves compliment pretty much any body type especially one with bulging bodyparts elsewhere.

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