Functional Physical and Mental Fitness w/ Elle Russ (the Elle Russ Show)

A few months ago I had the honour of being a guest on the Elle Russ show (you may know her from the Primal Blueprint podcast). I have known Elle for a while and it was a blast to catch up with her. I enjoy Elle’s interview style and also her perspective on life so much that I decided to share part of that interview with you here on my podcast – in this very episode.

But here is a language warning, we do drop the f-bomb three (maybe four) times (in reference to Elle’s book, Confident As Fu*k: How To Ditch Bad Vibes, Clean Up Your Past, And Cultivate Confidence In Order To Make Your Dreams A Reality). So if you or someone near you is really put off by that word… well, you have been warned. 

Elle is a bestselling author, a screenwriter, and a seasoned public speaker and has been interviewed on over 50 shows and featured in publications such as Success Magazine, Huffington Post, Prevention, and Mind Body Green. Elle coaches ambitious high achievers and transformation seekers to manifest more confidence and self-esteem in all areas of their lives. Creating boundaries, generating happiness and fun, accomplishing goals, and improving communication.

If you want to hear the rest of the interview and check out everything else Elle does, simply go to

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