Fitness Digest – Aug 22, 2021

I have some fun news! Instead of offering you yet another reason to sit in front of your computer, on another Zoom call (via an online workshop), Monica Reinagel and I have created a special “popup podcast” series that you can listen to wherever and whenever suits you. Cool right?

This 4-episode series covers the key adjustments in nutrition, fitness, and mindset that will help you beat the #MidlifeSpread. You can listen in your favorite podcast app or right on the series’ webpage.

You can access this special podcast series here–along with a whole bunch of supplementary resources to help you take action on the advice. But keep in mind, because this is a special offer, you will need to manually subscribe to this popup podcast, it won’t be searchable like our other shows. So make sure you go to for instructions. 

If any of the following topics happen to tickle your fancy, click the underlined text to read or listen.


Upgraded Fitness Get Ready to Move More of Your Body, More Often
I have some amazingly knowledgeable and inspiring guests, interesting topics, cool tests, fun workouts, and mind-blowing information all coming your way in podcast form very soon. In this teaser episode, I highlight a few of the episodes that are all queued up and ready to help you upgrade your fitness.

Change Academy – Motivation and Accountability
This episode was suggested by Liz: “I have clients that I fear will let go of their habits when they don’t have me there to hold them accountable. How do you coach someone to create that accountability for themselves or hold themselves accountable?”

Breaking the Bottle LegacyAlcohol and Athletic Performance with Brock Armstrong
This week on the Breaking the Bottle Legacy podcast, Molly Watts offers another installation in the “Alcohol & _____” series.  In this episode, I talk to Molly all about how alcohol, and the science of alcohol,  impacts athletic performance.


Sitting Too Much?
The workshop we offered last week will teach you how to move more of your body more often by highlighting the key moments in a typical day that are ripe for movement. You can access the replay (for the next couple of weeks, anyway) at

Social Media:

In this Instagram post, I showed off more of my stellar “on the treadmill”l photography. This time I was so excited to see that my Bowflex T10 has added support for Zwift that II had to snap a photo to share.

Between the onboard software that comes installed on the treadmill, my own kooky exercises (check out for those), and now Zwift – I am a happy treadmill guy. Especially since where I live, unless I want to run straight into the ocean, it is uphill in all directions. Sometimes you just want to run on something flat 😉

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